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Duplicate the sound and the vision of the cinema in your Living room or work place (Board room). Weather you are a gamer or a movie buff, adding surround sound will enhance the experience, hear the boom of an explosion or a bullet fly past you. Why limit you viewing to a 50” screen when you can have 100” projector screen and 3D projector and control all products from one button press. Why not go one extra step, have a dedicated room and hide everything (plaster-in speakers), automate so that the TV screen appears out of the wall or behind the mirror/picture frame. All is possible if you want it. Choosing the right surround sound amplifier/speaker combination for the space requires careful planning. Over specifying can make the room sound distorted. Selecting the right screen weather it is a Smart TV or projector and screen (or both) can be difficult choice to make. Using calibration tools we are able to fine-tune the Cinema to give you the best possible experience for a system

  • SMART TVs – Latest TV are now ethernet enabled which allows easy connectivity to the Web and Network access devices.
  • Surround Sound Audio – Sound stages; DTS, THX, 5.1, 7.1, Dolby Surround Sound.
  • Sweet Spots (Sound/Picture calibration) – calibrate sound to point to your seating position.
  • Media Wall – why have one screen when you can have multiple and watch diffenent media at the same time.


SMART TVs Surround Sound Surround Sound


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